I am a web developer, born in PERU and now living in PDX. My platform of choice is CFML but I'm always open to learn anything. I currently work for Mentor Graphics.

I also do freelance web development and have a few open source projects that I maintain.

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BugLogHQ 1.8.2 Released

September 24, 2013  |  BugLogHQ

The latest release of BugLogHQ is now available for download. This release includes the usual assortment of bug fixes, visual adjustments and received collaborations (thanks everyone!). The most distinctive improvements on this release are D3.js charts and an updated Jira integration.

BugLog 1.8 Released

May 28, 2013

The latest version of the BugLogHQ application is now officially released. This brings the project up to version 1.8. As always, it can be downloaded from the GitHub's project page, or from RIAForge.

This version contains the usual lot of fixes and improvements as well as a couple of new features that hopefully will make your bug hunting process less painful. See the list of release notes at the end of this post.


Meet Mitusis

October 23, 2012

So for the past year and change I have been part of a team developing/bootstraping a little website called Mitusis.com. After a lot of up and downs, hair pulling and lot of work, our site is now live and pretty close to what we had in mind when we set out to build it. So what is it? In a nutshell, Mitusis is an online group management platform that focuses on content monetization, high signal to noise ratio and protecting user privacy.